Looking Towards this Year’s Masters

Looking Towards this Year’s Masters


The Masters Golf Tournament is considered one of the most renowned golf competitions in the world and that’s why the tournament is like the crown jewel for golf. Among the four major golf events, the Masters is the held first and with this tournament, the golfers receive the signals that spring has officially arrived. It is true that the PGA Tour of golf is conducted throughout the year; however, for a large number of golf lovers the Masters Golf Tournament is the official beginning of a new golf season.

Tradition of the Masters Golf Tournament

With the golf course – Augusta National, the traditional and history of this tournament is associated. Augusta National is situated in Georgia and it is considered as an exclusive as well as private golf club due to its beauty and tradition. Each hole of this golf course is named after a renowned flower. Even year on the first Sunday of April, the winner of the tournament receives the award from the previous year’s winner of the Masters.

Although tradition plays a big role in the Masters Tournament, however, the main focus always remains on the playing of golf and most of the world famous players come to participate here and it is hard to guess who will hold the champion’s trophy in 2016 Masters Golf Tournament.

Key Information of 2016 Masters Golf Tournament

  • Date of the Tournament – Like every year, the tournament is going to be held on April as it starts on Thursday, 7th April while finally ends on Sunday, 10th April, 2016.
  • Location of the Tournament – Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia
  • 2016 Masters Prize Worth – Among the entire prize pool $10,000,000 plus the winner will get $1,800,000 for the first place. Of course, there is the Green Jacket with 600 FedEx Cup Points.

2016 Masters Golf Tournament Preview

In 2016, several top field golfers are going to participate in the tournament. No golfer has turned down his invitation for participating in the tournament and this year we are going to see Jordan Spieth, the last year’s champion who will take on Rory McIlroy who is once again looking forward to win the Green Jacket. Undoubtedly, Rory McIlroy will give a tough competition to Jordon for taking the number one ranking in the world at present occupied by Jordon Spieth. In fact, 2016 Masters Golf Tournament is going to be exciting with the participation of Bubba Watson along with other young golfers like Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler and many more.

The oddsmakers at online bookmaker bet365 have placed McIlroy at the top of the crop to take this year’s title. Will he come through and claim victory at Augusta?

Let’s have a look on the early favorite of 2016 Masters Golf Tournament Preview

  • Rory McIlroy: He has immense possibility to be the number one player by winning this tournament again. It is very tough to make him wash up as he is a treat for others as he enters in a tournament.
  • Jordan Spieth: Unlike Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth may not top choice for winning a tournament consecutively; however, hopes are there that being the defending Masters Champion, he will stay few steps forward to wear the green jacket for second time.
  • Bubba Watson: Since this 2 time Masters Champion won the trophies in the alternative years (2012 and 2014), chance is there that 2016 will be his lucky year again.

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Don’t Eat Those Realistic Looking Japanese Plastic Food By Mistake

Don’t Eat Those Realistic Looking Japanese Plastic Food By Mistake

Floating Pasta

When you are in Japan, you must have seen those fresh looking different Japanese and other cuisines displaying in the restaurant window. Many times, you may be attracted with the alluring look of those dishes before placing your order. You may be amazed to know those the foods displaying in the restaurant window for months after months are not real food. These are actually plastic food display of Japan that looks exactly same as the real foods. Now following the footstep of Japan, South Korea has also started to manufacture the plastic food but in terms of perfection and realistic look, no other country can compete with the dexterity of Japanese art of sampuru.

A glimpse on the Japanese fake food

Fake food is a kind of marketing trick for building the communication gap between the food lovers and the chefs. This plastic food display has often been seen as the food samples in the restaurant displaying in front of or inside of the restaurant and these are used as the menu card where the customers choose their dishes by visualizing them. In this process, the customers, in one hand, get to know what they are going to order by seeing the replica food, on the order hand displaying these food props, the restaurant owners can draw more customers towards their restaurants as these foods look so real and alluring that people cannot resist their culinary desires once they see them.

Materials used in the replica food

Fake food is usually known as plastic food as they are made of using plastic. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is used for making the mold along with adding colors so that they look as the real food. In earlier days, fake food was begun to be manufactured by using wax. By keeping in mind the longevity and realistic look, plastic, especially polyvinyl chloride have been started to use. Whatever be the material, the real art of the novelty food of Japan depends on the craftsmanship of the manufacturers since it take quite long time to make one Japanese plastic food.

 The birthplace of Japanese fake food

In Japan, Gujo-hachiman is known as the birthplace of plastic food as in this place first time Japanese food models were produced by Takizo Iwasaki. Later on, he founded the food prop factory here thinking about the popular way of communicating between the non-Japanese food lovers and the restaurant owners. After Iwasaki’s invention, the fake food industry in Japan has experienced a rapid growth.

 The potential use of Japanese fake food

  • As a marketing tool: Japanese food models are greatly used in the restaurants for displaying dishes so that the customers can get the idea about food size, quantity and ingredients from the display. Undoubtedly, it is a great marketing tool in the restaurant industry.
  • As a toy: Since 2006, a popular use of the Japanese fake food started as using it as toy. A toy named Konapun became immensely popular where you need to make fake food props by mixing toy ingredients such as flours and water.
  • As art: The art of manufacturing fake food display is quite popular in Japan where they show their craftsmanship to produce such replica food.